Straw Certificate Application Questions

Straw Certificate Application Questions

Please describe your technical expertise in detail, including your specific areas of expertise as they relate to the Cradle to Cradle Certified categories.

I am CEO of Sustainyou. Our products are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable. They are the first kind of drinking straws that consist of 100% organic rice, wheat, or corn feedstock. No additives or chemicals are present in our products. All of the materials used in the product packaging are compostable. They are edible, biodegradable straws. The company's products will compete advantageously not just with plastic, but also paper straws, which generally cannot be composted. Sustainyou also has an advantage over imported biodegradable straws, due to use of local materials and no shipping charges, so consequently, lower prices for our straws.

It is likely that plastic straws will be phased out completely over the next several years. Sustainyou believes that it can competitively produce compostable drinking straws. It will be competitive in market share, because of local plant fiber and other plant waste not used by industry currently. It will also be competitive because we will create a new industry supply chain that will reduce waste and be ready when plastic or paper straws are no longer viable.

Sustainyou will accomplish the creation of drinking straws sustainably, using local materials and contributing to a vibrant, local community.

Please describe any previous experience and/or current level of engagement with the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard and/or the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program.

Sustainyou is a start-up company, formed as an LLC, to manufacture biodegradable straws and other materials from corn and rice , as well as other agricultural refuse. We also develop renewing the agriculture discards and wood waste to make sustainable products in California. We make biodegradable plant fiber cloth, biodegradable trash bags, shopping bags, and biodegradable sanitizing wipes. All biodegradable products we can make will replace all plastic products in the next few years. We reuse plastic bottles to make fiber and clothes. Our capacity of use 10 billion t plastic battels to create clothes, hiking products.

Our sustainable products can be use plants' fiber make pulp. we can make all kinds of paper, food packaging, and tableware. The average import price is $1,937.00--$3,000.00/ per ton for toilet, and recycle paper. Why do not we make our paper Pulp? The pulp molding production line is mainly suitable for the production of disposable pulp molded tableware, medical care appliances, high-grade industrial shockproof packaging, and other products. The new innovative technology has no pollution. This pulp paper maker with no chemicals and no water waste.

We can continually find the wood waste, rice straw, corn stalk, and agriculture discards to produce all kinds of plywood for construction and furniture materials. We are already imported renewable construction and furniture materials are growing each year.

There are about 9 types of plywood. The interior plywood is one of the most advantageous when used for indoor flooring and roofing, exterior, furnishing, moisture-resistant particleboard, hardboard, fiberwood, foamboard, blockboard, composite woods, overlaid plywood, lumber core, marine plywood, aircraft plywood, softwood, and rice straw brick.

Why do not we use agricultural waste material and make renewable products ourselves? As an example, we can make rice straw brick, corn stalk tile. Since we use 100% agriculture waste to make activated carbon. We would eliminate coal, oil, and chemicalsto produce the activated carbon. The global trend was estimated at $4.72 million in 2018. We use 100% Ag waste that renewable to make charcoal production.

Our renewable products are useful for animals, poultry, fish food. We collect animal waste and mix it with plant fiber to make compost fertilizer products. Our products also can be sold on the international market.

Our constant agricultural discards, and forestry can make composted fertilizer for the land. We can regreen the Desert of California.

Please explain why you are interested in volunteering to become a member of the Standards Steering Committee.

I believe in American dream. I came to the United States to accomplish my dream. I have had many really life experiences in California. I felt and learned about our community, society, and people. I have down outstanding research in the field cultural heritage. I am more concerned than most people about the evolution of environment, societal change, and human development.

I have been very interested in my research Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Products Program and how I can contribute as a volunteer. I want to offer my wisdom and ability to this organization. I want to struggle against climate change, eliminate plastic, and help our community accomplish a sustainable life. I believe we can do this.