California Climate Investment

Draft for California Climate Investment

1. To fund investment types in key sectors, to support GGRF statutory priorities and drive progress on state climate goals.

Sustainyou LLC will purchase local fiber waste and compost material to make drinking straws, trash bags, shopping bags, sanitizing wipes, and so on. This will contribute to the phase-out of plastic products.

Big agriculture has an environmental footprint that plays a significant role in causing climate change. Sustainyou uses all parts of plant fiber to make compostable, ecosystem-friendly products. By using all parts of the plant fiber and previous landfill materials, we will create an entirely new industry supply chain to create biodegradable products.

2. Provide dedicated funding to advance equity, environmental justice, and community participation, capacity building and technical assistance, Flexible pots of funding to implement plants,

Outreach related to awareness and education,

Complementary strategies need to enable participation and effective implementation.

We will invest in the local, rural community by engaging with area organizations and communicating our plan to produce biodegradable products. We will be showing them how the factory and machines work, and our marketing plans for their area. We will show our dedication to understated and small businesses, sharing biodegradable products and green products business information in particular. We will train farmers to create the fertilize with their waste, animal, plants, and making food for the animal.

Sustainyou are eligible to apply I-Bank Industry development program (IDBS) The Cal guarantee loan program from I-Bank.

3. Direct funding forwards high-quality jobs and high road workforce development programs across more investment types, particularly in sectors where there are opportunities to create or support pathways to high roads jobs

Incorporate job quality and access measures.

Sustainyou is a complete biodegradable products chain that will create numbers manufacture industry that make the everyday product for California. It will be bringing the numerous high-quality jobs in the area in a variety of sectors including: transportation, distribution, logistics, warehouse staff, manufacturing operations, packaging operations, machinery technician, equipment manufacture, purchase manager, digital marketing manager, social media devolvement, omnichannel marketing design and manager, data collocated and analysis, accounting manager, financial investment, customer service, customer success. Impact and make the movement, growing and increasing the employee path career. To explain and train to new worker how you can move up in the manufacturing.

Sustainyou will participate and collaborate with the following organizations:

High Road Training Partnerships (HRTP),

The West Oakland Job Resource Center (WOJRC) who is creating a high road training partnership (HRTP)

USDA Microenterprise Development Organizations (MDOs)

USDA Rural Development undertakes this program

USDA the BioPreferred Program

The renewable and biodegradable industry chain will be stimulated economic development, create new jobs and provide new markets for farm commodities in California. The green products purchase law and plastic banned that increased development, procurement, and use of green products. It will be reducing the environmental burden, increase the use of renewable agricultural resources, and contribute to reducing adverse environmental and health impacts.

4. Integrate nature-based solutions and zero-emission technologies into investment types across sectors.

The plant fiber from agriculture and forest waste in agriculture fields need a lot of water and emission carbon. Burning waste is not good for ecology and has been a ban. The biomasses are currently being used to operating machinery utilities from burning the wood material. However, the low-cost solar power made deter. This will reduce greenhouse gases reduced.

The biodegradable and renewable plants fiber use offers other environment benefits.We need to invest in the complete green product manufacturing industry chain. This will be renewing and utilities our wood and agriculture waste to create and innovate the new products for everyday products in California.

5. supports policy-relevant research and program evolution tied to emissions-reducing projects.

We will use plant fiber, agricultural waste to create biodegradable straw, food container packaging, everyday products, compostable landfill product. Including improving and developing our technical large quantities and qualities, research new material, new machine for the future.

We will use plant fiber, agricultural waste, and mixed food waste to create organic animal food products, to use or animal manure to make various compost organic fertilizer products.

The project proposal - set for the desert land of Southern California. It will include a collection of regreen plants agriculture, desert technologies develop sustainable agriculture industry. It will be aiming to reduce water scarcity, land degradation, deforestation, and other invasive processes.

6. Advance support for priority populations and other underserved communities Explore opportunities to increase the portfolio-wide priority population targets. Explore investment minimums beyond existing population definitions in limited context-specific applications.

Sustainyou is a minority-owned business. We prioritize hiring more minority women so as to positively impact local families and single moms. We located the rural community, we can a track good work with no salary, low-income family in the past year. To take on train program and offer responsible job and safety place to live within nearby our manufacture.

Sustainyou is IBDS eligible. Bonds can also be sold directly to Qualified Institutional Buyers or Accredited Investors, without a rating, as long as IBank conditions for direct purchases, or private placements are met. The capital expenditures for the project, when added to the company's other capital expenditures in the same public jurisdiction.

Federal law, the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and Presidential Executive Orders direct that all federal agencies purchase biobased products in categories identified by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Recommended metrics

Maintain existing, foundation metrics, incorporate additional metrics as appropriate, including public health metrics.

Data on race ethnicity gender identity socioeconomic statutes and other demographics.

Additional qualitative and quantitative job quality metrics In addition, project-level equity metrics

Sustainyou will track our customers’ qualitative, quantitative, and purchase data.

The research and data we gather and use to create our green products along with waste use, organic fertilizers, and regreen plants land data will be opening to the public. We know how to work toward a clean earth and will be transparent about our practice’s technology in compostable landfill facilities in the future.